What our Customers say...


Jess from SERVPRO of Spokane County was knowledgeable, helpful, honest, and very customer focused.  SERVPRO is a class act! Thank you!

We again have been very happy with our service with SERVPRO.  

 All of the employees who have come to our home to help us through this difficult time have been so helpful. . . While it can be confusing to deal with so many different areas of service from mitigation to construction each who helped us was thoughtful, helpful, and kind. Listening to our needs. We are very thankful that SERVPRO was there to aid us. We are so grateful. 

Everything has been really great. Very efficient personal service. Everyone has gone above and beyond to get things done quickly!

We really appreciate your service! Thanks!

Our Project Manager John is the most professional, knowledgeable contractor we have ever worked with and has made this whole process extremely easy.  Him and the SERVPRO crews have all been amazing.   

Great team that made me feel so much more comfortable after the mishandling of our water damage situation by the company originally sent by our insurance company.

This was a very stressful flood in my condo, and absolutely everyone has been very kind, helpful, and really great. Between the unbelievably quick response the night that it flooded and they drove a really long way on an icy night, then every other part of fixing all of the water damage. I felt very much taken care of, and I really appreciate everything.

"SERVPRO did a great job! Very professional - I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone!"

"Thank you Gill and SERVPRO for taking care of the fire damage in my building. The clean-up and restoration was painless on my part and everyone on your team was polite and hard working.  I will recommend SERVPRO in the future if I have the chance – you may use me as a reference if you need one."

"Thank you to SERVPRO for making this awful experience, seem not so bad! I especially want to thank Ken, my project manager, for making this process as easy as possible for me! He’s been fantastic! I wouldn’t change a thing! You guys have been fantastic from beginning to end!  Thanks again SERVPRO team, you guys sure know your business!!!"

Top-notch people with integrity and unparalleled customer service!

SERVPRO answered the phone at 1 am! A pipe broke. They dried out the basement and worked closely with our insurance. Jared was so professional and helpful.

SERVPRO was recommended to us by a couple of different people in the wake of a relatively minor water issue. We had decisions to make so we called SERVPRO to offer their professional opinion and also advise with regards to the scope and cost of the repairs. Jarod arrived punctually, was courteous and professional and was unhurried as he took the time to answer all of our questions. We also appreciated the fact that there were no scare-tactics, no pressuring, and no badmouthing any business competitors. He was honest with a healthy dose of common sense. He clearly wanted the job done right, but without unnecessary expenses. He even returned for a second visit to further investigate our issue. In the end, owing to the minor nature of the incident and the expertise which Jarod shared, we were able to take care of the issue on our own. However, in the event we should need a restoration company's assistance in the future, SERVPRO would be the first company I would call.

Every one of the SERVPRO employees that have worked here in my home are absolutely exceptional! They are professional, kind, courteous, helpful, and I believe they truly care about being their best for the customer. I feel like my family has increased. I want everything to be repaired, and at the same time, I hate to think about them going out of my life.

“Thank you so much SERVPRO, the house is spotless - I am so impressed with your service!  Your team did an excellent job and I am so grateful. Thank you for making our house beautiful!  Kathryn T.

“SERVPRO was amazing to work with, they truly take care of everything. My Project Manager was just phenomenal and explained everything to me and kept me updated. I thank SERVPRO for keeping the project moving despite hurdles from the insurance company, they not only met but exceeded my expectations.” - Freta L. 

The kitchen looks fantastic!  Tom did such a great job building and putting everything back as it was before, only even better!  But, I’m so pleased with the work and I cannot find any even little thing wrong.  It’s been a pleasure working with all of you and I appreciate all you’ve done to get all the issues corrected and go the extra steps to make sure everything is done perfect.

Mold was discovered in three dorms at the University. I called SERVPRO of Spokane Valley. Will came in and took care of it. He even gave pointers to our maintenance crew so to prevent further issues. Now we call SERVPRO of Spokane Valley for everything.

We found mold in our attic. We asked the realtor who to call. She said she only calls Scott at SERVPRO Spokane Valley because he has been here forever and always does a great job. She was so very correct. 

My daughter put shoes in the dryer. It caught on fire. I asked the fire fighters who to call for clean up, without hesitating,  they recommended SERVPRO of Spokane Valley. When I called, the lady told me that someone was already on the way. WOW!

Came in cleaned up the space where an old restaurant left so the new restaurant coming in to take over could open up shop right away. Thank you

SERVPRO came highly referred by our insurance claim adjuster. I understand why. Very thorough and professional. 

Just when I thought we were done with this winter, another snow storm comes thru and then freezes everything. SERVPRO of the Valley answered the phone at 4:15 in the morning. What a great help they were

Thank you for removing the tree after the storm. I couldn't wait for my son to get here in a week

Jarod was so very kind. So much appreciation from my family. So Fast and explained everything regarding the process so very clearly

THEY WERE OPEN ON CHRISTMAS! I am the manager of an apartment complex. The fire sprinkler on the top floor unit froze and busted. I didn't know what to do at first. In the confusion I remembered a completed ERP from a year ago. Thank goodness. They answered the phone at 2am! 

My husband and I thought it would be nice to redirect a stream to run by house cabin. Mother nature doesn't like it when you mess with her. After the very first heavy downpour, the new creek we created overflowed and flooded our very small basement. What a nightmare. SERVPRO of Spokane Valley came out and cleaned it up. We decided against the artificial creek after this. These guys were so professional.

We went out of town for the weekend. It rained all weekend. Came home to an inch or so of water in our basement. Thank goodness it was unfinished. SERVPRO of Spokane Valley was there in 30 minutes. Got all of the water out. We were so worried about the cost as we learned our insurance doesn't cover water coming in from outside. They were very reasonable and very professional. They even referred us to a company that will be working on the foundation so it doesn't happen again.

UGGHHH! We got an offer on our house and when the inspector came, found mold in the attic. I didn't even know there was so much and we have lived here for 8 years. SERVPRO of The Spokane Valley came out and cleaned it. There is no trace at all. What a great job!

The end of the summer in Spokane was the worst with all of the forest fires. We could barely see 30 feet in front of us due to the mass amounts of smoke. I manage a nationwide retail store. We were so concerned with the smell of smoke on the merchandise. SERVPRO showed up the morning of the worst day of smoke reminding that we have a national account with them and they could set up machines to help clean the air in the store. We were so grateful. Thank you for all of your help. We can always turn to you guys and gals.

We recently purchased a house. We decided to renovated before we moved in. During demo we found large amounts of black mold. We panicked as we have children. We called, Brandon and Scott came out, made a plan to clean and treat. GOT IT DONE FAST! We were so happy. We refereed our friend for carpet cleaning.

4 Floors. SERVPRO came in , took over and removed all of the mold. Thank you for everything.

What a mess! Thank you so much

We experienced a full structure loss. We will have to rebuild the house. SERVPRO (of the Spokane Valley) was able to salvage, clean and restore many of our things. We had many antiques. We were so happy with Jim. They even had someone check in with us periodically just to make sure everything was done, brought us waters on the hot day. 

Who knew such an emergency could be all consuming? Thank you SERVPRO (of the Spokane Valley) for helping us in this time of need and getting all of the smoke soot out and smell out!

I am the general manager of a hotel in Liberty Lake. SERVPRO has done work on my home and when there was black mold found, SERVPRO of Spokane Valley handled the remediation and repairs. I will always call SERVPRO first. Thank You!

I could not believe the amount of damage an ice storm could do on a house. I didn't even know what an ice dam was until the upper corner of my kids room was wet. SERVPRO of Spokane Valley explained everything to me, saved me money and kept the repair costs under my deductible like they promised. I am so glad that my insurance agent recommended them. Thank you SERVPRO and thank you State Farm. 

Thank you so very much SERVPRO. We were so worried that our restaurant would be closed for so very long. So very pleased for all everything.

Timeliness, Quality, Customer Service!


From Connie in the office with Jared Robb and his crew we are so Thankful. Without exception they were professional, kind, hard working and very respectful at all times. We are very blessed to have them help us out in our time of need.


We came home to a water leak that had impacted multiple floors. It was a Sunday evening and we had no idea what to do and could not get ahold of our insurance. We had seen the green "SERVPRO" TV ads and figured it was worth calling them since we really had no clue on what else to do. Scott was wonderful to work with over the phone and had his team here within 1.5 hours of our initial call. Over the next few days they completed the water remediation and demolition of the damaged areas. Will did a phenomenal job with all the hard work and removal of demo material. Working with Jim was always a pleasant transaction. I would highly recommend SERVPRO if anyone ever needs help in a similar situation. Thanks SERVPRO!

Thank you SERVPRO of Spokane Valley for cleaning my couch! I didn't think anything could remove the strong cigarette smoke smell from the fabric, but your team did it! Thank you so much! You guys are the best...

Thank you for your professionalism, immediate response, willingness to make sure we understood your processes and most of all your EXCELLENT customer service. We very much appreciate the attentiveness to our unique situation. You worked quickly and efficiently. Thank you for the respect you showed toward our tenants and your willingness to work around their schedules. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend SERVPRO and would not hesitate to use their services again. Jim, thank you very much.

These guys were professional in everything they did. From the explanations to getting the job done!! We were impressed with this service.

The SERVPRO Spokane Valley staff was knowledgeable, well trained and equipped to handle my loss situation.

Servpro Workers,

Thank you for your prompt attention during our water damage period in October. Your workers were always considerate, and I apreciate the attention to clean-up whenever you were here.


Sandi Neils

Excellent work provided and very on target.

I was impressed by the SERVPRO franchise`s on site personnel that performed services at my residence.

I wanted to compliment your company along with the individual members of your team for the fine work they did. Mike made the initial response very quick and efficient. Bill appeared experienced and had a genuine interest in the job being done correctly. Victor and Kenny both did exceptional work on the home repair.

From the actual work itself to the methods they used to keep the home clean, their work was outstanding!

Thank you for coming out the next day and taking care of everything when I was on vacation!

Every body at SERVPRO Spokane Valley was nice and good to deal with.

When we had a flood incident in our home we immediately called SERVPRO. I wanted to compliment your company overall, along with the individual members of your team for the fine work they did!

Mike and his team were super helpful!

Your team was on top of this mess! Thank you you were very helpful.

I can't thank you enough for all that you have done for us. From the first time we met on that emotional day in August, you have been absolutely supportive and helped us get through one of the most difficult trials in our lives.

We recently underwent a broken pipe episode in our home. It was a miserable surprise to arrive home from vacation to find our house flooded and dripping with condensation. When SERVPRO Spokane Valley, lead by Mike Bonnett, arrived, at 3AM,Mind You, they knew just what to do and we were able to turn the mess over to them. What a relief!

Very responsible and professional and a pleasure to work with.

Everyone was very kind and courteous. They did the best they could under dreadful circumstances. We appreciate all they did so quickly!

SERVPRO of Spokane Valley was AMAZING! I would "almost" look forward to another disaster, knowing that I have Scott and his guys to rely on.

Awesome - Simply Awesome!

Thank you for your knowledge, and professionalism. The finished product and work is excellent!

Everyone was very courteous, and exceeded our expectations. Prompt, very knowledgeable and I would recommend to friends and family.

I highly recommend Mike, Victor and Jose as excellent hard workers and very considerate and professional. They are a credit to any employer.